Creative Messaging for your digital Platforms

Most people will first interact with your church in a digital space. Is your digital messaging reaching the right people? Is it bringing clarity or causing confusion? In this breakout, we’ll explore the importance of clear, compelling digital messages and the tools we use to craft them.

Data-Driven Decision-Making for Student Events

Numbers can be tricky. In student ministry, it’s easy to cringe at the idea of analyzing numbers and data, as our main focus is on students and their stories. But numbers have a story of their own—and it’s an important one. Data analysis allows us to connect with students and their stories by engaging or reengaging them in our ministry events.

Developing Great Group Leaders

Once you've placed volunteers in leadership roles, it's vital to coach and pastor them well. In order for group leaders to succeed, you should develop them around what they need to know, do, and be.

Four Characteristics of an Influential Leader

To have influence, you need the right posture for approaching people that see things differently than you. We will share four characteristics we’ve discovered to help you develop the posture needed for maximum influence. Join us in this breakout as we discuss these four characteristics.

Grow Your Church

For far too long, the church has been known more for what it’s against than what it’s for. We think it’s time for this to change. In this breakout, we’ll provide practical tips for growing your church by showing that you are FOR your community.

Ministry in a Data-Driven Culture

No matter the size of your church or ministry, we know you want to create successful, growing environments. With limited time and information, determining an informed next step can be difficult. What approach, framework, and experience are needed to help you gain insights to enable your ministry to make better decisions? In this breakout, we’ll share how we approach these challenges through data analysis. It will be helpful whether you have a data team or you’ve yet to begin collecting data for your ministry.

Partnering with Parents of Preschoolers

Parents of preschoolers are at an important stage in their lives—they are highly motivated to figure things out! We’ve identified some important principles and family-shaping habits that can help guide this season of parenting. In this breakout, we’ll share how we partner with these parents for long-term success by equipping them with helpful tools and offering a special event just for them.

Rules of Engagement

Through trial, error, and consistent evaluation, we’ve devised a formula that enables us to intentionally create engaging experiences for our audiences week after week. In this breakout, we’ll discuss the “rules of engagement” for creating purposeful environments.

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