An easy online Groups connection Process

With our love of Amazon Prime, Carvana, and one-click technology, we expect the processes we engage in to be easy and seamless. However, connecting with other people to cultivate life-­changing relationships is rarely easy or seamless. In this breakout, our Group Connections Team will share how to make your process easy and how to set your small groups up for success.

Developing the leader in the mirror

Great leaders are always looking for ways to develop themselves and others. In this breakout, we’ll discuss one of the most powerful, yet underutilized, development tools. Mastering the art of asking great questions will increase your insights into others and enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Engagement vs. attendance

What is more valuable: a like on Facebook or a person in a seat? Culture is changing, and so is the way people engage with the local church. In this breakout, we’ll explore what it means to do church in an increasingly digital world.

Multi-site strategy

In this breakout, we’ll discuss the opportunities and challenges of a multi-­site approach to ministry. We’ll talk about when it’s best to go multi-­site and the tensions that can arise between central and campus ministries. We’ll also look at how we answer the question of who pays for what. Join us for this and more as we explore “the more the merrier” approach to ministry.

prioritizing the next generation leader

One of the greatest challenges for most churches will be developing effective leaders to reach the next generation. Most traditional seminary training is rich in Bible and theology but short on leadership, communication, and strategy. In this breakout, we’ll discuss our approach to equipping the next generation of church leaders through the North Point Leadership Experience, our internship and residency program.

Process for Kids new to faith

The most important decision a child can make is to put their faith in Jesus as their Savior. Because this is so important to us, we’ve created a process to help kids take clear, intentional steps as they grow in their understanding of what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. In this breakout, we’ll talk about how we clarify the message of salvation for kids, invite parents into the process, and implement specific steps and events to lead children through their faith journeys.

Student Small group strategy

In this breakout, we’ll share the purpose and strategy for establishing successful student small groups. We will also talk about the significant role of the leaders that connect with the students in our small groups.

The North Point Creative Process

Have you ever seen a great production and wondered, How did they do that? Or have you ever had a great idea and wondered, How do I make that happen? The secret to moving from a great idea to a purposeful end result lies within the creative process. Walk with us through the nuts and bolts of brainstorming creative ideas, determining content, and designing a presentation that captures the audience’s attention.

Q&A Options

  • Children (UpStreet)

  • College (The Living Room)

  • Developing Communicators

  • Leading and Implementing Change

  • Ministry in the Workplace (Life Lessons Over Lunch)

  • Securing Your Campus (Building Safety)