A first step for non-christians

The church should attract people who are far from God. We have to give people a safe and easy first step toward meaningful conversations about faith. In this breakout, we’ll introduce you to principles for creating helpful, compelling next steps for those who are curious about or new to faith.

assume they’re in the room

Assumptions can be powerful. They inform our decisions, alter our expectations, and change the way we interact with the world. To leverage the power of assumptions, we need to anticipate both our own and those of our attendees. In this breakout, we’ll talk about the one assumption that will keep you focused on your vision. You’ll receive an actionable checklist to help your church attract outsiders and energize insiders.

Building a team of kidmin volunteers

Our KidMin environments would be nothing without the volunteers that bring every aspect of the process to life. Their investment of leadership, time, and skills is invaluable. In this breakout, we’ll talk about the principles and tactics that help us build strong volunteer teams, and we’ll outline our strategy for building an army of leaders that will take our vision beyond what we could imagine.

creating and delivering great student talks

Speaking to middle and high school students every week is intimidating. How can we do it well with all of the other responsibilities we have? What are a few key things that will ensure success? In this breakout, we’ll explore what we’ve learned about creating and delivering clear, compelling messages for students.

leveraging digital communication to increase church engagement

People inside and outside the church are living increasingly digital lifestyles. While this creates opportunities to connect with them earlier and more often than before, it comes with a challenge—technology. It’s notoriously expensive, stubbornly complicated, the people who understand it are hard to find, and now more than ever, we find ourselves relying on it to do what we’re called to do. Join this session to explore how we’re leveraging digital marketing techniques and communication platforms to connect with unchurched people in new ways.

staff check-up: developing and keeping a healthy staff

The airlines have it right. The only way to be helpful to others is for you to put the oxygen mask on first. This is why prioritizing healthy staff development, team dynamics, and personal growth are keys to being a church that is set up to reach your community. Still, the tyranny of busy ministry schedules often pushes this agenda to the side. In this breakout, we'll pass along our favorite tips to get your staff team growing and thriving!

the fully funded church

In this breakout, we’ll provide a practical plan for integrating giving into every area of your organization and engaging your staff in the process. We’ll discuss how to leverage your Sunday adult services, family ministry environments, and social media to promote giving. In addition, we’ll share what we’ve learned about fundraising, capital campaigns, and donor appreciation.

training volunteers to think guest-centric

Guests begin to experience your church way before entering your building. Find out how to train volunteers to prioritize the guest in every encounter and create memorable touch points from the street to the seat. We’ll share our four-­step chain of excellence that has improved our volunteer training culture.

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  • Manager Training for Church Leaders

  • Multi-Site Strategy

  • Preschool (Waumba Land)

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